30-98s worldwide are invited to participate in celebrations to mark the centenary of these cars which will take place in England during May and July 2013.


We are planning a full series of events in 2013 starting with a visit to the hill climb course at Waddington Fell, where the first 30-98 appeared in 1913, driven by Joseph Higginson, who proceeded to set FTD at 42.2 seconds "in a series of alarming slides"! For this celebration we are planning a 3-day stay in the Trough of Bowland, Lancashire, with our cars, finishing at Waddington Fell on 3 May. This will be limited to 30 cars, so please complete the "response form" registering your interest in the event, so we can plan and make arrangements. I know it is a long time ahead, but we have to make an early start to get the message through and to book accommodation, etc.

Other events planned in early July, are a visit to our parent company Vauxhall Motors in Luton where it all began. We will visit the Vauxhall Heritage Centre and view their historic car collection. We hope to visit the works and celebrate the occasion. After Luton we will proceed to Brooklands where there is a great history of 30-98 competition in the 20's and 30's. An interesting route is being planned taking us to Worcestershire and Shelsley Walsh, which of course, is another important landmark in the early history of the 30-98 where on 7 June 1913, Higginson set FTD of 55.2 seconds, which was a record not bettered for five years. We will attempt to re-enact the parade of 30-98's that we achieved in 2003 when we had exactly 100 x 30-98's attending the Centenary of Vauxhall Motors. Perhaps in 2013 we may get more! We enjoyed a Centenary lunch there on the same day as the VSCC held their event at Shelsley and plan to repeat this.

The "downloadable response form" has a space for you to register your interest in both these events. Please return it together with a cheque for your deposit remittance of £50.00 to David Marsh at the address given and we will continue to make arrangements for a splendid year for our cars "Super-excellent" - the 30-98 Vauxhall.